Setup Your Store by Expert

We want to help you to setup your store by our expert to start your business within 24 hours. Follow the below steps to get it done. 

What Do You Need To Get Your Store Up?

  1. Password – (You can change this at anytime) Email – It is recommended that the email that you provide is a email just for the site, you will be sent notification on customers orders, and other notifications for your store.

  2. Store NamePhone Number – Your Logo – Store Banner Image – Store Address (including shop number, Suburb, Post Code, State) Store Description (this will also help with online search).

  3. Bank AccountAccount Name, Bank, BSB Number, Account Number (This will be were your payment’s will transfer to) Please Note: that Eat Safe Marketplace acquires a 5% merchant fee, this is the only fee.

  4. Store PolicyDelivery (If you do delivery, please advise if you don’t do delivery). Refunds, Cancellation, Return Policy’s.

  5. Online SearchKeywords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snap Links.(All Social links help with your online Search, we are not only a marketplace were you can take order and sell your products online but the site also works as a directory.)

  6. ProductsImages, Short Description & Long Description of your products, and Price (You could also send a picture of your menu in the zip file.)

  7. We will send you through all details for your login, and you can change prices or anything in your store that you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to get started?

To get start, we need all the contents related to your business like product’s description, images, address, phone, email etc. We’ll use these information to describe your store through our marketplace website.

I've some images but need editing, can you help?

It’s your job to provide best quality images related to your project. But if you have images but not in good condition then we can help you make those images as attractive as possible. 

How and where I can send my details?

To send us your store and product’s details, first, make your all images in a zip file, images should be in jpg/jpeg format with a clear view. Our e-mail: