Vendors FAQ

What Is Eat Safe Marketplace! Do I Need It!

What Is Eat safe Marketplace:

This is a platform to connect people searching for food online, it is a site for people to search for the food that they are craving, advanced search and a (km) radius search from their phone. T

The site is made for Easy functionality for customers.

We are also interested in any suggestions to ongoing improvements to making this the No.1 food portal in your City.

Do You Need It: The Short Answer Is No!,

  1. But it is free. You can create a professional online store, and you could be making a sale by being on here.

  2. You can create a professional online store.

  3. Instantly take orders, do your own delivery’s or connect with a independent delivery driver.

  4. Independently change pricing, create sales, and add as many products as you would like.

  5. Improve your online search (SEO), connect your website, socials and add articles about your store.


What Are The Hidden Costs!

There Is No Hidden Cost:

No Sign Up Fee.

No Ongoing Commissions.

Add Up To 30 Products.


How Easy Is It To Setup!

Once you register we have a how to page to show you how to add your products, from adding a simple product on your menu, to adding a (v)eritable product such as a – small soy latte with 1shot & 1sugar: (v1): Shots 1,2  (v2): Small Medium, Large  (v3): Soy, Full Cream, Skim  (v4): Capo, Latte, Flat White (v5): Sugar 1,2,3) it’s a easy to follow video.

We also offer a done for you, if you don’t have the time to set it up yourself.