Originally this site was intended to be a food marketplace for food service business that had a 3, 4, or 5 star eat safe rating.  

So what is a eat safe star rating: for anybody that don’t know what this rating is and why it is so important in food service business, you can check it out here.

But in short the eat safe star rating is all about good hygiene and good hygiene practices in food service business, witch is kind of ironic right now, considering were this virus looks like it has come from.

But we still think that it very important to have the general public know that were they order there food, takes all precautions and follows good hygiene practices to keep there customers safe from unforeseen food illnesses, such as salmonella, and other food poisoning illnesses.

So we know are adding the eat safe rating badge to qualified businesses, to not only give them a leg up on there competitors, but also allow the general public to make more informative choices of were they would like to eat. 





So What Are We Know!

We have been listening to business that are struggling in the last few months, with reopening, trying to stay open, and trying finding customers just to stay open.


Now we are open for all, weather you have a star rating or not, we are a online food service marketplace were customers can order their food from, giving food businesses a online presents and connecting customers to their favorite  food business.

Now with online ordering, you need to know now more then ever, that were you order from are following all the best food handling procedures and have a high standard of food hygiene, now you can see at a glance witch food service business has the best hygiene rating as well as a 5 star pest protected cover, for all of the little things you don’t see when ordering online.

5 Star Pest Protected Badge (High Standard of Protection Against Pest’)

                          5, 4, 3 Star Eat Safe Rating (Council Hygiene Rating For Eateries) 5 Being The Highest.

And the best thing is all of the profits go to the business owner and delivery drivers, with a small online merchants fee of 5%  helping business stay open and profit in these times of need.


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