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Baked Eggs & Leg Ham


2 Peepers Cheepers free-range eggs baked and drizzled with caramelized garlic balsamic served on Turkish bread with shaved ham, baby spinach, and Mistral Hills tomato relish (GF and VEG Available)

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Lite Start Brekky


In- house toasted muesli, natural greek yoghurt, regional seasonal fruit, your choice of milk (Vegan Available).

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Breakfast Treat Tart


Prosciutto, Peepers Cheepers egg, danish feta, baby spinach, cherry tomato, baked as one, with a side of Mistral Hill tomato relish and toasted Turkish bread.

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Bacon And Egg Roll


Bacon, Fried egg, BBQ sauce, cheese, and hollandaise sauce on toasted Turkish roll.

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Savoury Bread Loaf


Warmed and served with dijon mustard.

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Turkish Bread Closed Melts


  1. Grilled chicken
  2. Mild Salami (Hot Chilli)
  3. Mild Salami

(VEG) served with crisps (GF available)

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Toasted Bagels


Try our delicious range of tasty bagels.

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